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Unique Visiting Destination in Lapland

Lampivaara Amethyst Mine, located in Lapland, is a fascinating travel destination all year round. The amethyst of Lampivaara fell was born 2 000 million years ago in the bowels of the ancient mountains. There is now a gem mine on the top of the hill that will sustain for the hundreds of years. Visitors are welcome!

Amethyst Mine at winter


There are positive beliefs and fascinating stories about amethyst in many cultures. Leonardo da Vinci always had an amethyst stone on his working desk. He wrote into his diary:  “Amethyst dispels evil thoughts and speeds up thinking” . 

Guided Amethyst Mine tour in winter time includes return transportation to Amethyst Mine with special snow vehicle “Amethyst Pendolino”, warm beverage, the stories of geology and history in addition to the properties of the gems and the uses of amethyst. After the story moment in warm wooden shelter, each visitor will be able to dig for their own personal lucky amethyst. In the end of the visit there is some time to drop by a small “Amethyst Shop” on site. The amethyst of the area is refined into jewellery and other productions.

You may start you visit according to your needs either from the center of Luosto or from Ukko-Luoston parking lot (2,5 km from center) or from Lampivaara Cafe (5 km from center and 2,5 km from closest parking area, Ukko-Luosto).


OPENING HOURS 1.12.2014 – 15.4.2015  

(closed 24.-25.12.2014)

Monday – Saturday

Luosto Center at 10:15  
Price: 59€/adult and 25€/child 3-12  years

Ukko-Luosto parking lot at 10:30 and 13:30
Price: 49€/adult and 21€/child 3-12 years

Lampivaara Cafe at 11:00 and 14:00
Price 25€/adult and 10€/child 3-12 years

Contact information: visit AT

You may buy your tickets for Pendolino ride and amethyst mine tour from our Eshop ( or visit the Little Mine Shop in the center of Luosto.
Entrance ticket that includes transfer from Lampivaara you may buy from the Café.

Amethyst Mine is located in the national park and there is no open car road to Amethyst Mine in winter time.