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Values and operation principals

The mining company is in charge of a national treasure

Europe’s only active amethyst mine can be found on top of Pyhä-Luosto’s Lampivaara fell. The captivating place with its superb view of the surrounding nature is an attraction for numerous visitors every ear. And as the beautiful forest will be changed into a national park the area’s attractiveness increases.

View from Lampivaara Amethyst Mine

The mine is a national treasure and mining at the Amethyst mine is done environmentally friendly. It is a major interest of the company to further develop the mine as a destination for visitors under the slogan “experiencing the mine”.

Arctic Amethyst Ltd. also produces artistic jewellery and souvenirs packed in wooden “Kelo”-pine boxes, all designed by famous Lappish goldsmiths who work as designers for Arctic Amethyst Ltd.. Other valuable gifts are graphics which are given to shareholders of the mine as a part of the obtained share.

Visitors digging by hands